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  1. divided skirt

    • n.
    • noun: divided skirt, plural noun: divided skirts

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    • 小學英文學不會

      ... primary school English Grammar teaching is divided into two sentences;If you use either sentence one Or sentence two...

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      ...perfect straight line, in addition the ultra illusion Peng skirt, is serves as contrast beautifully the dance ... the ballet play, I then frequently 拉筋, divide the leg, moreover each people all knew, regarding...

    • 請教 slit split slot crack 解釋、用法

      ...narrow cut or hole。She was dressed in a silk blouse and a skirt with a slit up the side. (裙子側邊有開叉,如旗袍的開叉) split - (v.) to divide or separate Sth into different parts: 把某物分成數個部份 ...