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    • 請問”divide”的用法是...???

      ...班分成四個小組。 2.分發;分享[(+between/among/with)] The children divided up the candy among themselves. 孩子們把糖果分吃了。 3.分配[(+between)] 4...

    • 不懂這句英文

      {which has been divided up and sold off by the state to pay for giant back tax claims.} 這句得意思是:哪些被劃分和由狀態賣支付巨型過期稅要求。 {back tax claims} 意思是:過期稅要求

    • 英文翻譯,請幫我翻譯有2句!有關於食食物方面的

      ...regional cuisine: what dish belongs to which place, how the regions should be divided up, where the best seafood comes from and so on. 美食評論家無止境地對...