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    • dizzy 跟 woozy有何差異呢?

      woozy => 1. Nauseated and dizzy. 2. To feel intoxicated (usually high) 因此如果要嚴格區分的話...unknown weed his friend gave him. 2.John was still dizzy for the hang over.(不必用到woozy)

    • 請問dizziness是什麼意思?

      dizziness 是 dizzy的名詞型而已啦 就是頭昏眼花的意思囉 you gave me dizziness! 你讓我頭昏花了

    • spin & twirl

      ... spinning, ere he has time for thought, in its dizzy vortex -- Bayard Taylor). Twirl can add to the ideas...