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  1. do for sb.

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    • 1. 【口】替某人做家務 Old Mrs. Green has done for us for over 20 years. 格林老太太替我們料理家務已有20多年了。 They can't afford a home help, so they have to do for themselves. 他們請不起女傭人, 所以只好自己做家務活。
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    • to與for的用法

      ...question (answer; surprise; message; call; problem; present; gift; job; plan; proposition; way; place) for you -Sth/Sb does the job (work; trick; calculations; math) for you (人事物對你提供服務) -Sb...

    • 以下單字有何差別?

      ...of sth/to do sth) an act of saying that you are willing to do sth for sb or give sth to sb 主動提議;建議 2010-10-07 06:28:05 補充: 例: 1. ...

    • call on 以及call for 的差異

      call on / upon: 1. call on sb. to do sth.- you say in public that you want them to do that. e.g...c.f> She called on / appealled to / asked for us to help her villagers. 她請求我們去幫助...