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    do a good deed

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    • 穆罕默德名言佳句

      A good deed done to an animal is as meritorious as a good deed done to...human being. 而對動物殘忍就跟對人殘忍一樣糟糕。 A good deed -好事;善行 meritorious -有功績的 cruelty-殘酷 2008-10-15 11...

    • (20點)英文作文(你對行善助人的看法)

      ... hand to people who are in need, is doing a good deed. As a person living in our society.... For example, if i happen to fall into a pit one day, and some strangers happen to pass...

    • 國中英文文法 英文強的大大 可以解釋嗎?? 10點!!!!

      ...現在完成式, 如果後面的時間點稍作改變也行的通 例: Mary has done a lot of good deeds for others during the past few decays. <3>Mary visted...