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    • 英文作文範例-What Makes a Good Frien others and respect what they have to say, then it's a sign of a good friend. Are you approachable? Do your friends often turn to you first to share a problem or seek help? Are you willing...

    • Good job!用在什麼地方?

      ...人的話 e.g. hey, you did a good job, kids are gonna love it! good job, man, you did it wonderfully! 通常小孩喜歡你稱讚...方式: (The best way to turn your child's behavior around...

    • 一整大段英文翻譯 不要用翻譯軟體

      ...want the need of the thorough understanding teenager and perplex, the work that can do a good turn to first prevent and cure, turn down the probability of the tragedy occurrence.