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  1. do a job on someone

    • ph.
      do something that harms or defeats an opponent
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    • do a snow job on someone ?! give me another week. Do you think she'd believe...不會相信的。 ****** Snow job跟sweet talk一樣可以當名詞...動詞用。在上面這個例子裏,a snow job是當做名詞用。下面...she felt so dizzy on her way that she could...

    • 請各位大大 幫我做一段翻譯~~

      ...真的那樣說嗎? Yeah. He though you did a fine job on that project. 是啊. 他覺得你在那個專案中表現...朋友嗎? She,not he. Well, she may be someone I've known the longest, but...

    • find a job in switzerland

      ... you can use the same way in Taiwan that read the newspaper and find a good job! If you don't understand what that mean, you can use some automatic language translator...