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    • 請問幾句英文翻譯?(是英翻中的!!)

      ... surgery 我依舊還在手術的復原階段 It takes a long time for an injury of this type to heal, but each day i do a little better. 這種類型的傷害需花長時間痊癒,但是每天我都有好一點...

    • 急!!幫忙翻譯 關於運動傷害一段的內容!!(2)

      ...environmental/policy changes do not promote risk-compensation environment evolves to support these changes... in Figure 2, injury risk is multi ... to provide an integrative approach to ...

    • 請問3題英文填空

      1:If you want to telephone a friend in Australia,you should make is so nice that he won't do anyone an ( ). 答案是injure 為什麼不是injury 這一題我不確定耶,因為 injure 是動詞,照理說...