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    do battle with

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    • 請幫忙翻譯巨蟹座的故事.....急急急

      ... Second Labor, Heracles was sent to do battle with the fearsome, nine-headed serpent monster known as the Hydra which...

    • 純英翻中還有10點唷!

      1.來自不同文化的人們經由互相交流,有哪些方面可以得到好處? 2.羅馬和波斯的戰爭是如何影響了西方羅馬帝的國衰微? 3.波斯,印度和中國在哪些方式下影響力彼此的文化,他們又是如何接觸到彼此? 4.中國文化有哪些方面被 Gupta 印度影響了?

    • 英文高手們..可以幫我想想.....

      ...misinterpret by the public and they maight think doing drug is a COOL thing. Secondly, with the focus been place in the counter.... This would only make the battle with drugs even more difficult...