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  1. do for sth.

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      【口】(用於疑問句中, 與how和what連用)設法獲得
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    • 1. 【口】(用於疑問句中, 與how和what連用)設法獲得 How/What did you do for coal during the miners' strike? 礦工罷工期間你是怎樣搞到煤的?
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    • 請問這句話怎麼翻比較好?

      >芭芭拉已經幫你都準備好了麼? be all set (for sth/to do sth); be set for sth/to do sth be ready or prepared...你安排、準備有關一項活動的所有事務。) 至於set up for後面就是接一項活動 She set me up for a...

    • call on 以及call for 的差異

      call on / upon: 1. call on sb. to do sth.- you say in public that you want them to do that. e.g. We should call on all our... called on / appealled to / asked for us to help her villagers...

    • 以下單字有何差別?

      ...of sth/to do sth) an act of saying that you are willing to do sth for sb or give sth to sb 主動提議;建議 2010-10-07 06:28:05 補充: 例: 1...