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  1. do harm to

    • ph.
      傷害, 損害
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    • 1. 傷害, 損害 Don't you know that smoking will do harm to your health? 難道你不知道抽菸對你的健康有害嗎? He is aware of the gossips that do harm to his reputation. 他知道那些損害他名譽的閒言閒語。


    傷害, 損害


    「傷害, 損害」的反義字

    • ph.


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      ... by electric appliancesthat do harms to human body. According to medical...沒錯, harmsdo 的受詞 do harm(s) 是一個片語, 意思是危害, 加害...如果要說對象, 就在後面加上介詞 to 再加上對象 所以, 原句沒錯...

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