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    • 新年英文文章

      ...remote mountains, would never dare to come out. 2007-02-17 01:27:02 補充: Doing mischief in order to prevent coming annually again, everybody keeps watch at night all night like...

    • 英文口語句子,英翻中

      ...惹事生非。 mischief 是指孩子做些小壞事,惹點麻煩。 get up to mischief = be up to mischief, 意思簡單說就是 do something bad,惹事不乖。 這裡又用 too much 來加強 mischief,就是說「不要幹太...

    • be up to some mischief,這個片語的問題

      be up to no good (informal) if someone is up to no good, they are doing something bad. She thinks her husband has been...