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  1. do sb. good

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    • 1. 有益於(某人) Eat more fruit: it will do you good. 多吃水果, 對你有好處。 This cough medicine tastes nice but it doesn't do much good. 這咳嗽藥不難吃, 但作用不大。



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    • 有關英文翻譯?翻起來不太順暢?

      ...名詞」居多,所以take exercise就要改成動名詞taking,才能當名詞。 to do Sb good :對某人有好處 to do Sb a lot of good: 對某人好處多多,例: ...

    • good at和good with的不同

      ...一點不同,從英英解釋才有辦法說明 Good at sth (doing sth):able to do sth well指做某事做得很好 Ex:She is good at speaking English. Good with sth / sb(都是加名詞):able to use sth or deal with people well指很會使用某工具、或...

    • 請問不管好壞的英文應該怎麼說

      ... always true, whatever the situatino is, or sb should certainly do sth. 而whether是指used to show that sth is...下面這樣比較好: Whether or not it's good, it will be a part of my experiences...