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  1. do someone a favor

    • ph.
      do something for someone as an act of kindness
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    • what's the different between..

      ...and can only mean 幫忙 when it is used as a noun in the situation "do someone a favor". If you use "favor" as verb, then it no longer ...

    • 請問~有關英文的重組句子部份 !!

      ...她忙 agree 後面要加受詞 +with 例如 I agree with you (表示贊同對方〉 do someone a favor 幫....忙 例如 Do me a favor. 2007-08-02 16:03:35 補充: 1...

    • 伸出援手的英文?

      Can you do me a favor? 你能幫我個忙嗎? 我想你要問的是『favor』這個字吧!