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  1. do someone no favours

    • ph.
      do something that is unhelpful to someone
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    • 英文somebody someone的用法該如何使用

      參考參考囉 你問的問題很有趣, someone跟somebody沒有啥差別 而nobody跟no one意思其實也一樣 somebody = someone 其實這兩個字通常是通用的 這是個名詞,通常以第三人稱的方式使用 someone...

    • what's the different between..

      ...and can only mean 幫忙 when it is used as a noun in the situation "do someone a favor". If you use "favor" as verb, then it no longer means 幫忙. Please pay attention, you need to use "...

    • 英翻中:戴倫海斯hero歌詞

      ...hero 我並不想成為一個英雄 (No, I am not open...不開啟我已破碎的那些部份 Do yourself a favor 幫你自己一個忙 Save...'t pick me find someone else 不要選我去找其他人...