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    • I am having sb do sth 文法

      大大好, 有、讓、要、給、、、、 學語文,別太拘泥於,語言之間的"對譯"; 因為, 每一種語言,都有各自的習慣,各自的用法; 重點, 意思對了最重要; 就像是, 英文叫做,,I am having friends ........... 中文叫做,,我將有朋友...

    • How to do sth ?

      ...把吐司放進烤箱或烤麵包機內,加熱到焦黃色。 Third, you: spread the butter over each slice of the toast (one side each).每一片吐司抹上奶油 (每片一面即可)。 ...

    • 英文作文翻譯!

      ...great deal offer opinions luo! P. S: Request sb. to do sth. turn over become can write de out de in country, will thanks everybody great luo! >&...