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    • 1. 【口】傷害(身體某部位) He did his back in lifting heavy furniture. 他在抬沈重的傢具時扭傷了腰。
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    • 英文文法 in doing sth 的問題

      In : [prep] (表示過程) 在...當兒; 在...過程中 The work is in...中。 The ability is only one factor of the many he weighs in deciding whether or not to give. 在決定給予否的當兒, 他衡量的唯一因素...

    • 幾個與do與make有關的片語常搞混

      ... think it's time we do away with the presidency (2)could do with sth:=do with sth=used in negative sentence with what:-eg:- ---I don't know what I could do with...

    • call on 以及call for 的差異

      call on / upon: 1. call on sb. to do sth.- you say in public that you want them to do that. e.g. up at 11 a.m. 我早上11點會來接你. 2. call for sth.: you demand that it should happen. e.g. Claire blisteringly...