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  1. do sth. up

    • ph.
      (用扣子、拉鍊等)固著(外套、裙子等);把某物打成包裹或綑紮在一起; 包住或綑紮某物
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    • 1. (用扣子、拉鍊等)固著(外套、裙子等) He never bothers to do his jacket up. 他總是不願意繫外衣的鈕扣。 She asked me to do up her dress for her at the back. 她要我給她把衣服從後面繫上。
    • 2. 把某物打成包裹或綑紮在一起; 包住或綑紮某物 She was carrying a parcel of books done up in brown paper. 她提著一個棕色的紙包, 裡面是書。
    • 3. 修理、重新裝飾或以現代化設備裝修(房子、房間等) If we decide to buy the cottage we'll have to do it up. 我們若決定購買這座別墅, 就得重新進行裝修。 We're having the kitchen done up. 我們正用現代化設備裝修廚房。
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