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    • 英文問題這樣寫對嗎?

      ...'S FEAR WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN AGREEABLE TO THOSE ABOVE HOTELS. (3)Q:Does the information-technology manager from Pennsylvania agree with the fear? A...

    • ”傲慢與偏見”作者珍奧斯汀說的一句話,解釋&翻譯?

      I do not want people to be very agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them a great deal.--Jane Austen 我不需要每個人都可以非常令人愉快的,因為它可以幫我省去一些要去喜歡他們的麻煩。--珍奧斯汀

    • Essay格式 - 請幫我檢查文法與修改

      ... sweetheart feels the same way, never making...whether good or bad, difference to life, my seeking...very important [to associate with an agreeable girl]. If you [associate...and stay cheerful. I do not have to [worry about ...