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    do the business

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    • monkey business是什麼意思?

      惡作劇囉 動詞應該是用do吧 EX: do the monkey business 也可以用 *to play a practical joke on s.b EX: Don't play a practical joke on me. 就是不要鬧我啦~~

    • 商業英文內容,可以幫我翻譯成順口的中文嗎?

      ... information, we also have some traders in Europe but they wish to do the business with us accompanied by our end users in China...

    • 新加坡的business

      ... what can be a better appetizer than a sincere praise? 3. How do you treat people that are lower down than you in the company business chain? Answer: (1) Treat them as ELDER ...