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  1. do the dirty on

    • ph.
      cheat or betray (someone)
    • 相關詞
    • ph.
      cheat or betray someone

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • ph.
      cheat or betray (someone)

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 槍戰英文求翻譯4

      ... to do our searches and field tests, we’re left to do the dirty work. 除非我們能讓機器人取代搜索或是酒測,不然這些鳥事還是得有人作...

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      I think it is important to ban fires on days when the air is dirty. Because the air is dirty can affect the atmosphere of the whole environment...

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      ... clothes are dirty. (考試的話我會挑第一種寫法, 平常溝通比較常用第二三種寫法) 3. The boy was hurt when he who is standing on the stage is my brother...