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    do the dishes

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    • do the dishes還是doing dishes

      我覺得標準的用法應該是do the dishes(慣用動詞片語) 或許在口語中有省略the的用法, 例如在youtube有一段很kuso的影片...

    • 有關英文受詞的疑感?

      you haven't done the dishes yet,but I have already done them. you...但我已經做了) 2007-06-03 11:10:04 補充: 沒錯, do the dishes, 這時do是及物動詞 but I have already done...

    • 請問一題英文的文法問題?

      They took turns doing the dishes. 為什麼dishes.要加es呢?謝謝! Ans: do the dishes 是洗碗的意思喔, 洗碗一般來說, 都是洗兩個碗以上, 所以是複數dishes. 現在已經變成習慣用語囉.