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    • press the flesh

      ...候選人,質疑是否有足夠的「向前行」的動力: “Does he have the necessary fire in the belly — that is, the willingness to...指有錢人,而且是願意做政治獻金的有錢人, woo the fat cats 就是去追著這種有錢人募款。

    • 電費未繳 英文翻譯

      ... to terminate your subscription in two days. Please urgently do the necessary. Alternatively, please settle the bill through Service Counter...

    • 英文文題(急急~help!!!!

      ... necessary to achieve this objective? 我們有沒有(達到目標必需要用的)資源? Do we have the necessary resources to achieve this objective? 我們有否必需的資源以達致這個目標...