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  1. do well for oneself

    • ph.
      become successful or wealthy
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    • 請幫我修正一下英文文法,內容不多,thanks

      ... or wasting my time everyone has been responsible for oneself since you decided to go abroad i'll try to do my best to help you but you have to try to help yourself not olny ask for others...

    • MBA/GMAT preparation!

      ... and IBT twice EACH to play it safe, as it is rare for a first-time taker to score well (but of course if you did well on your 1st try, that would be awesome) 2. My last minute suggestion...

    • 請英文好的幫我改一下這封英文信!

      ... Count Down with you for the first time. I am planning to create a card of your birthday! I will do my best for the card. I know the size you really want...