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    • 請問doctor shopping是什麼意思?

      doctor shopping 逛醫師,逛診所,逛醫院 這是指一個病人,或許是沒安全感...在逛街一樣 2008-09-22 23:15:33 補充: 其實如果說一個人在doctor shopping的時候 通常都有那麼一點負面的意味 因為覺得這位病患很不...

    • 英文高手幫幫忙(英文解釋)<急>

      ... see sick people there, waiting to see a doctor. - You see doctors and nurses working there. It's a hospital. (2) barber shop - You have your hair cut there. - The barber can cut your...

    • 英文問答(文法需正確)

      ...of me. . Generally, getting flu the doctor gave prescription , . wanted you come back to see. 3.Where do you like to go shopping? Why? . I don't like to shopping...