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  1. doctored photo

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    • 幫忙看一下我的英文日記吧~~

      ...巳經有一點大了,叫我以後少做據烈運動。 The doctor talked me that my age was...the strong exercise afterward. 圖片參考: 天啊,我今年才34歲耶...

    • 未被採用的稿子,英文怎麼說?

      ... because I am beautiful. 2012-12-07 03:41:51 補充: Even photos could be doctored and worse, virtual.

    • 英文表時間副詞子句

      ...少了連接詞. Every time (when) I see these photos, I think of the good old days. 這裡的[when...跟以下這句相同: Someone died while the doctor was away(不在). 2008-10-31 21:43:58 補充: 2...