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  1. doer

    • IPA[ˈduːə]


    • n.
      the person who does something;a person who acts rather than merely talking or thinking
    • noun: doer, plural noun: doers

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    • n.
      a thing, especially a cultivated plant or domesticated animal, that thrives or performs well ... he is a good doer and people often say ‘Is that all your horse gets to eat?’ in amazement

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[ˈdo͞oər]


    • n.
      the person who does something: the doer of the action

    Oxford American Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • good deed doer 該怎麼翻譯

      good(好的) deed(行為) doer(實行家) good deed doer就是好行為實行家 。口語化就是『新好男人』

    • 請教高手如何翻譯以下英文句子

      這些給你參考囉 :) Exerting your shoulders with the little water you have. 用你有的一點點的水來讓你的肩膀活動一下。 Do not be the Doer. 別成為一個實際去做事的人。 希望對妳有幫助唷:)

    • 此句何解? This incident illutrates

      ...t the hearers of the law who are righteous before God, but the doers of the law will be justified. 2005-08-06 09:57:40 補充: the hearers...