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  1. dog's dinner

    • ph.
      【口】亂糟糟, 一團糟
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    • 1. 【口】亂糟糟, 一團糟 He's made a real dog's dinner of these accounts. 他把這些帳目搞得一團糟。


    【口】亂糟糟, 一團糟

    • ph.
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      "I think the dog`s scamming us," I told Jenny. ... heart or, more accurately, his stomach : the sound of dinner. 我告訴珍妮說"我認為這隻狗在跟我們耍詐。" 她同意...

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      您好: 個人見解如下: 1. It's dinner time. Mom is (busy) in the kitchen. 2. Please don't touch that dog. It's (dirty). 3. A:There is (something) wrong with ...

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      ...the dog fears this, ~~~ I discuss the too many small black dog's matters probably…! Afterward we finished eating the dinner in that side to go home! Will also recall I to the present...