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  1. dog days

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    • Dog day是什麼??

      <中文意思> dog-days n.[pl.] 大熱天; 無所作為的時期, 無精打彩的日子 <來源>...the dog star,rises in the heavens ,they called those hot sultry days dog days. We do , too,except that now dog days refers to the...

    • Dog days!!!

      一年之中最炎熱的日子,英國人叫這段日子dog days(狗的日子),英文的原意是,"period of very...,譯成英文,就是canicular daysdog days了。 (In the summer, however, Sirius...

    • 英文翻譯成中文和日文

      DOG DAYS 翻成中文和日文 DOG DAYS 日文 ホット 中文...; So , they said ,it's called the dog days , you know. A; Yeah, ....... . 2011-08-08 16:24...