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  1. dog food

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    • 1. 內部試用;內部試用的軟體
    • 2. 狗食
    • 3. 【美】【俚】醃牛肉末土豆泥
    • 4. 一文不值,分文不值
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    • 英文翻譯 有請高手

      " Dog food taster ," the work is dedicated to enjoy a variety of dog food to...whether they taste delicious , the availability of pet dogs like it. If the " dog food taster " that the dog does not meet the taste of dog food , dog food ...

    • 請把這些中文翻成英文~~~謝謝~~

      玉: Kiwi, I'd like to switch to a different dog food for my dog, do you have any recommendation? 琪: What kind... what you said, I probably should switch the food for my dog.

    • 請幫我用英文單字的開頭來造句

      Dog food is food intended for consumption by dogs or other canine. ...