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  1. domestic violence


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    • 1. 家庭暴力(在家庭中對其他成員實施暴力) She filed for a divorce because her husband committed domestic violence on her. 她因為她的丈夫對她家庭暴力而訴請離婚。
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    • 有沒有關於”家暴”的英文阿?

      ******************************************************************* "domestic violence" 家暴; 家庭暴力 => domestic (adj): 家裡的, 家庭的 => violence (n): 暴力...

    • 能麻煩一下英文高手嗎~急

      ...家暴對小孩的影響 Influence of Domestic Violence on Children 根據內政部統計,2005...the Interior, reports of domestic violence nearly totaled 120,000 cases...

    • household 與 domestic ???

      ...家庭用品-household goods * domestic 泛指「家庭的」 例: 家庭暴力-domestic violence 就不能叫”household violence” 2007-04-10 04:55:19 補充: 英英字典可以...