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    • it made my week是什麼意思

      Don't be silly. It was hilarious. 別傻了。你那天說的太好笑了。 It...

    • 傻瓜的英文(代表的涵義)

      ...fool. 小笨蛋 小儍瓜 silly little girl/ boy Is you who make me like a foolish piggie. 儍豬豬... dressing just like a cute ass. 笨笨蛋 Don't hoodwink me as a fool. hoodwink 哄騙 2012...

    • 幫我把這幾段話翻成英文~(不要用翻譯機)

      ...girlfriend. If you don't regret , then you change your mind. After all, it is you that must take the responsibility and don't choose toget away. Hesitate only male you more incapable. PS.如果你要英翻的...