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  1. don't

    • IPA[dəʊnt]
    • = do not
  2. 知識+

    • 我要Don't U Ever Stop的歌詞

      DON'T U EVER STOP Fire's the...に 咲いた君の花 感じた夜は 正直に 欲しがって Don't u ever stop わかってる Don't stop 運命は...

    • 英文題don't didn't doesn't

      主詞不一樣就用不同的助動詞,don't,didn't,doesn't 告訴你一個很簡單的方法,當你考試時...當你看到如下填空題 She _______ go to work everyday. (don't, doesn't, didn't) everyday不是過去式,所以不會是didn't,那麼...

    • don't kill the messenger 出自何處

      Don't kill the messenger"Don't shoot the messenger. Don't blame the used as a substitute for 'shoot.'" Related saying: "Don't shoot the piano-player; he's doing the best he can. Don't hurt...