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    • danate ...to的問題

      donate to donate 是動詞 這邊是不及物的動詞喲 所以後面要加對象時要多加一個to 介詞 donate to … 動詞介詞後面 要接一個受詞 可以當受詞的就 名詞囉 ^0^~~

    • give it to goodwill

      Goodwill is a place/store to donate your goods/stuffs, such as ...?" Also means, "go to donate your things, don't waste them...

    • 請幫忙修改此篇有關"Donation"英文,多謝。

      (Donating money to charity) – If this is the 1st paragraph, then it can donate money by credit card. Secondly, you can also donate invoice to donation box. It is a chance of hope and love. (...