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  1. donkey work

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    • 關於史瑞克的電影人名?

      ... as Shrek (ADR work) Maurice LaMarche as Donkey (ADR work) David Kyle as Puss in Boots (ADR work...

    • 尋找英文高手(英翻中)The Donkey Who Trie

      ... heads with curiosity to see a turtle and donkey traveling together. 很多鎮裡的居民好奇的看著著...我們很接近了 2010-03-23 12:31:59 補充: They worked their way to the top of a sand dune, and ...

    • ride搭乘交通工具的用法

      ... children are riding on donkeys.那些孩子們正在騎驢 Have you ever ridden...機車上 例如:Ann rides her bike to work. 如果要在交通工具前接介係詞,就是: ride "in...