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    • 門前的台階,門階
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    • 替某人揹罪的英文說法

      替人揹罪 L ay the guity on my doorstep L ay 使...處於 on one's doorstep 願在某人近旁 For example ...

    • 中級英文文法問題

      ..., you shall choose "appearing", because these people arrive at the doorstep On THEIR OWN, not being brought to or already...

    • 請高手幫我翻譯幾句英文

      I can walk out of my apartment and find nice coffee bars and restaurants on my doorstep. 我走出我的公寓在門前就有好咖啡館和餐廳 The shopping si(so) fantastic too. 這裡的購物也是非常棒的 //2句