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  1. dormitory town

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    • outside的用法

      People move into villages and dormitory towns outside the city. 人們搬移到鄉間和城市外面的市郊住宅區 People move...

    • 請問suburb和outskirt有差嗎?

      ...邊緣 可以跟郊區有重疊處 沒錯suburb不在城市裡 Suburb residential area, dormitory area, bedroom community, commutershed, commuter belt, exurb; (suburbs) suburbia, the ...

    • 請幫我改正英文句子錯誤

      ...haven't been in this town very long. I came here just two weeks ago. 2.Dormitory life is not quiet. ... have lived in this town for three months and ...