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  1. dote on


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    • 1. 溺愛 She dotes on her youngest son. 她溺愛幼子。
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    • 請幫我看此句的文法和省略

      ... hard working never ever are inferior to the one that is doted on 以下,括號代表可省略 1. hard-working 中間有一短線喔 這邊有以下三...

    • 誰能幫我翻英文..故事是忠豬救主..

      Some very lovable pig extremely received the master to dote on the master to be able to hold it, traces every day it to have a God...

    • 可以幫我翻成英文嘛 ?

      ... elder sister is also teacher who teaches the belly dance , unusual dotes on me, elder brother just worked as at present the soldier, then I also...