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    • 英文用法:Sorry to tell as all 問題

      ...全部廠商, 所以發送日期無法以人工控制. 請加以注意, 謝謝. Would like double check with you that could we use attched file directly or you will to send correct version...

    • 美國與加拿大英文:單字同義異字,措辭同義不同用法

      ...dollar coin 一元硬幣 runners : sneakers 運動鞋 touque : beanie (美西) or watch cap (美東) 毛線帽 a bachelor for rent : a studio for rent 套房出租 Give me a double-double. : I like my coffee with 2-cream and 2-sugar. 來杯咖啡,加兩份奶精兩份糖 They dropped the gloves. : They began a fight. 他們發生肢體衝突 ( 通常發生...

    • 修正英文句子/ 文法

      ... confirm the receipt of .... Please confirm if our order was received. 4.Just to double check whether you want the printing as "Canada" ? Q:結尾用"問號?" 沒錯吧! 最...