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  1. double negative


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    • 請問一句歌詞的翻譯?謝謝。

      這種用法叫做 "double negative" 例如 : i don't need nothing = i don't need anything... to go anywhere with me 在正式的英文裡, double negative 或 triple negative 都是不正確的 但是, 在路上, 在公司, 或...

    • 關於can't take no more的英文問題

      A double negative is the use of two negatives in a single clause. Although the...

    • 什麼時候要用not unlike

      ...unlike ( negative) That's what we call " double negative " in English. I myself do not...說"a port city like Kaohsiung呢? not = negative plus unlike = negative is equal to " positive...