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  1. double up

    • ph.
      對摺; 疊起;同宿一室
    • 釋義


    • 1. 對摺; 疊起 Would you double up the paper for me? 你替我把紙對摺起來好嗎?
    • 2. 同宿一室 There were not enough rooms, so some of the guests had to double up. 由於房間不夠, 一些客人只好同住一間屋。
  2. 知識+

    • double up是什麼意思呢?

      double up as sth=>to be also used as something else "作為它用" Less... often chose coloured wedding dresses which could double up as "best dress". 經濟情況不那樣富裕的新娘就會選比較豔麗的...

    • doubling up in time 中文有其他意思嗎?

      在這句子裡的Doubling up的意思是指重複 整句話是說:必免有重複的可能...2008-06-10 10:16:04 補充: 對不起!我少看到一個字! doubling up in time是指撞日!就是日期重疊的意思!

    • 幫我把這首詩中翻英....

      ...(胡) Shieh(適) Two yellow butterflies, a double flies up the day. 兩個黃蝴蝶,雙雙飛上天。 Don't know why, a fly to return suddenly...