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  1. down and out

    • ph.
      無家(或無錢等); 窮困潦倒
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    • 1. 無家(或無錢等); 窮困潦倒 He looked completely down and out. 他看上去已窮困潦倒。 down-and-out and homeless people 窮困潦倒、無家可歸的人
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    • 請問一句基本語法

      樓上諸位說錯了, feeling不是動名詞, 而是現在分詞. I was down-and-out and feeling so afraid. was down-and-out : 是窮困潦倒的 was...

    • 徵英文高手 禁用Dr.eye

      Jack Sparrow An eccentric and down and out pirate, see the spreads, an idea is carefully...the town mayor's daughter, had the person's courage and judgment and definite view, is arranged by...

    • 麻煩幫翻譯一下英文報告2

      Put that down and get out of here;said the largest man in the group. 「把他放下並離開這裡...門邊 Their boss hadn’t warned them about anything like this and they were very frightened. 他們的老闆並沒有警告他們有關如此的...