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  1. down in the mouth

    • ph.
      unhappy; dejected
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    • ph.
      (of a person or their expression) unhappy; dejected

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 請告訴我一些片語的解釋

      1.down in the mouth 沮喪 2.born with a silver spoon in someone's mouth 出生顯赫,生在富貴...someone's mouth water 饞得直流口水 5. someone's heart is in someone's mouth 十分焦急 6.put one's foot in one's month 無意中說錯了話而...

    • 找英文片語(急!!) with a good mouth馴良的馬 all mouth and no action光說不練的人 word of mouth=down in the mouth沮喪6.from hand to mouth=from mouth to mouth口口相傳,一傳十十傳百7.give mouth...

    • 心灰意冷的英文怎麼翻比較好?

      ...氣餒的, 沮喪的, 意志消沉的, 心灰意冷的. Depressed Down Down in the mouth Discouraged Sad and gloomy Dejected Downcast...