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  1. down south

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      【口】到南方; 在南方
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    • 1. 【口】到南方; 在南方 go down south for a few days 南下幾天 They used to live in Scotland but they moved down south. 他們以前住在蘇格蘭, 後來移居南方了。
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    • would

      ... in France,you would be making a good choice by heading down south of Provence. 雖然巴黎通常是一個前往法國旅客選擇的旅遊景點 但如果...

    • 型男正妹們幫我翻譯吧!!

      Away down South, an old custom dictates that if someone comes up...種禮物喔。 But those of us who hail from the South consider ourselves to be gentlefolk. 但是對於我們這些來自...

    • 幫我翻譯Taipei times裡面的英文句子

      ...who make it to kenting check out the surfer dude vibe get addicted and then move down south permanently. 有一些去到墾丁的城市鄉八佬們,嘗試並且體會到衝浪的樂趣,深深...