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  1. drag one's feet

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    • 1. 拖拉 The boy drags his feet in doing school work. 這男孩做功課拖拖拉拉。
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    • 有誰知到這些片語的意思嗎

      ...have a prayer of winning the game. (你們沒有希望贏得比賽的)2. 拖拖拉拉 (or drag one's feet)They are dragging their feet over the project...

    • 各種肢體語言的英文說法

      ...14. 15. to cross the hand 16. hold the hands tightly 17. fall on the ground 18. to stomp 19. to drag one's feet on the floor when stroll 20. raise the legs 21. jump up suddenly 22. tiptoe 23. step on one's feet...

    • [ 英文 ] 英文片語翻譯....請各位高手幫幫忙

      ...16.Like a fish out of water  感到不適應,如魚離水17.Stand on one`s (own two) feet  獨立自主希望滿意回答