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    • 英文文章翻譯成中文

      ...充滿童話故事和龍的時期,是一個讓小孩去猜測 if they are real or pretend. Dramatic play is an important way children 這些事物是真的還是假的的時期,透過...

    • 根據這2段的內容, 用簡單的英文表達出來

      ... and senses by various means such as drawing, sculpture, dramatic play, and writing. When there are problems, they work together...

    • 誰能幫我翻英文勒@@”

      ..., surroundings 校園~【n.】campus 戲劇~【n.】drama, dramatic work, play 爭論~【n.】issue, altercation, debate 【v.】dispute, debate, argue over 活動~【n.】activity...