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  1. draw out

    • ph.
      make something last longer;gently or subtly induce someone to talk more
    • 釋義


    • 1. make something last longer
    • 2. gently or subtly induce someone to talk more
    • 3. obtain or withdraw money from a bank or other source
    • 4. (of successive days) become longer because of the changing seasons
  2. 知識+

    • Unimpeded和draw out在此的意思?

      ...不計其數的天使軍團發動攻擊也奈何不了她 ... Fateful meetings drawing out lost memories... 命中注定的邂逅勾起早已流失的回憶 ... 個人從未接觸電玩...

    • 請問你麼喔 <draw> 的kk怎麼寫

      ... by two horses.大車由兩匹馬拉著。3. 拔(出);汲取;引出[(+out)]He drew the cork from the bottle.他把瓶口的軟木塞拔了出來。4. 開支票;提取;領取[(+on...

    • 煩請達人指導英文"抽出空氣"

      ...liquid food. 說明: 1. 如果有某個裝置,可協助該空氣抽出,用suck out 會比 take out (draw out) 更有「吸出」的感受,因take、draw在此是個「動手拿或取出」較一般性...