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  1. draw someone's fire

    • ph.
      attract hostile criticism away from a more important target
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    • 英文單字造句(20點) 急

      ...for you many credit card you have?'s not easy to do someone else's homework 6.I need to answer all your 60 ... love you very much 57.the movie was long's too late to go now should learn(learm) to do the work...

    • 請幫我翻譯一個英文童話故事的大綱~(20點)

      ...the bone. Only if someone threw it in the fire would the King be saved. And once wed...would fall down as if dead, and only if someone were to draw three drops of blood from her right breast would...

    • 請英文高手幫我翻譯一下歌詞

      (純屬自己翻譯,請勿複製喔!!) 雖然試著為了一個東西伸出手 可是,那是其他人的夢 你往前踏的每一步 都會把你帶回你之前所在的地方 然後,當你沒發覺時 然後,你試著做每一件事 其他人聽見你的意見 有人在意你說的話 你把我叫起來 不再累了 每當我跟著你的時候,我感覺被啟蒙 你...