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  1. draw someone out

    • ph.
      gently or subtly persuade someone to talk or become more expansive
  2. 知識+

    • 空英 10月份單字例句 前8號(前三課)......20點. acquaintance認識的人.點頭之交 Kyle is only my acquaintance. draw someone out引導某人說出 he is good at asking people the right questions...

    • 請問英文片語是什麼意思?及相似字

      ...depend on: 端視; 信賴; 依靠 die down: 凋謝; 枯萎 die out: 漸漸消逝 draw the line at: 限定範圍 ; 規定不能做某事 dream up...減少; 掉了~東西 dry run: 排練; 模擬演習 drop (someone) a line : 寫信給某人 希望你授用喲!

    • 求狄克森片語24-25

      ...排列 set out to:嘗試做~,有計畫的做~ draw up:畫;製作 give and take:相互退讓,妥協 drop out of:退出;脫離 believe in:信仰,相信...逃離 get away with:逃過~的處罰 serve (someone) right:應得的懲罰,活該 keep up:讓某人...