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    draw up a project

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    • [急] hotel management project.. group.. 5min.. we have to draw the intrest of our audience... of this industry as a career choice.. this is... time to do the project.. i have no idea to strat.. can someone bring up some idea to help me to...

    • Grain 可當動詞, 怎麼造句? project

      ...verb? Nails project from the wall. 在該例句中, project 是 intransitive verb (不及物動詞), 所以需加上from 作為...". 1. intransitive verb prepare or issue protocol: to draw up or issue a protocol or protocols 2. transitive verb record something...

    • BOT財務英文翻譯~HEIP!!急

      ... in order to evaluate the viability of a project and come up with the best scenario. 但是在財務規劃的... and conclusions will be drawn. 最後,用五個案例的情境分析結果做比較,得出...